Age Friendly Task Force

Supporting wellness and safety for our adult community.

Our Mission
Create an engaged and inclusive community that assures access to outreach  programs centered on wellness and safety  with an emphasis on seniors.

Our Goals

  • Increase representation from our Latino population of our community

  • Hold education programs for our local community about Health Action, including outreach and media.

  • Gain representation from the Burbank Heights community

  • Create  Gravenstein Health Action web site

  • Expand our blood pressure checks at local farmers markets

  • Participate with the City of Sebastopol in encouraging and expending Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

Current Projects

  • Map Your Neighborhood In partnership with the City of Sebastopol

  • Blood Pressure screening at Farmer’s Market

  • Nail Clinics – Senior Center/Burbank Housing

  • MY Care MY Plan Education quarterly (Health Care Directives)

  • Fall Prevention – Partner with the Senior Center

  • Website – Aging Library (in process)

  • Caregiver Support Group

  • Graton Disaster Fair with Graton Fire, and Jody James

  • Alzheimer’s care, education, support, and research – Allan Bernstein, MD

Would you like to volunteer for the Age Friendly Task Force? We would love to have you. Click here to participate.

Upcoming Age Friendly Task Force Meetings and Events

Check our full calendar for all GHAC related meeting dates and times.